“Texas – Carbon Free Energy– License Plate


We are seeking a Texas non-profit sponsor to help us host a

"Nuclear Carbon Free"

awareness effort.

This grassroot effort to have Texas Recycle Used Nuclear Fuel, believes that the more you notice something beneficial the more you will know about it. WIND, SOLAR & NUCLEAR define Carbon Free Energy. It is amazing how specialized license plates can raise awareness.

Wouldn't these look great on Texas highways?!

Carbon Free Texas License Plate

The best part is that this will help fund clean energy public education.

Frequently Asked Questions

My organization isn't a certified non-profit agency. Are we still eligible to sponsor a license plate?

Yes. Anyone—including individuals, non-profit organizations, and for-profit entities can propose a design to My Plates.

Why do we have to submit a deposit?

A deposit covers the total cost for design, programming and producing our organization’s license plate whether through My Plates or the TxDMV. The $8,000 deposit for a plate benefitting a non-profit organization through the TxDMV process will be refunded when 800 sets of your organization’s license plates are sold or renewed.

If my organization doesn’t sell 800 or more license plates after going through the TxDMV approval process, where does our deposit go?

Your deposit remains with TxDMV until sales of your license plate meet the statutory threshold of 800 renewals or new applications.

Can my organization’s specialty plate be available only to individuals that meet certain criteria?

Yes. For example, the department currently offers a license plate for which only licensed Realtors® are entitled. However, remember that adding qualifications will restrict the number of potential purchasers, and could result in keeping your organization from meeting its refund threshold.

Does my organization have to reapply if our proposal is not approved, or will it be reconsidered?

Your organization must reapply for your proposal to be reconsidered.

Who provides the plate design?

You do, though your design is subject to reflectivity, legibility, and graphic standards. Depending on which approval route you choose, My Plates or TxDMV will work with your organization to help you understand those standards.

How much money does a sponsoring state agency receive from the sale of a plate sold through TxDMV?

f the $30 fee collected for each specialty plate approved through the TxDMV and sold in the state of Texas, $22 goes to the sponsoring state agency.

Is it possible to request that funds received from license plate sales benefit the applying non-profit organization?

Yes, this is possible if your proposal goes through My Plates. This is also possible for plates approved administratively or legislatively.

Is the TxDMV, or My Plates, under an obligation to produce my specialty license plate design?

No. New plates are either approved by the TxDMV Board or by the Texas Legislature.

So, any non profit care to Sponsor this Campaign while also creating a funding stream for your organization..... email Steve or Tom a call today and your group could be in the running to be a part of the campaign!